€ 850.000 Tr.
Builiding in Casciana Terme Lari


Cevoli, Casciana Terme Lari (PI)
1050 Mq 3 3
€ 620.000
Farmhouse in Palaia


Partino, Palaia (PI)
450 Mq 3 4
€ 250.000 Tr.
Single-family house in Terricciola

Single-family house

Soiana, Terricciola (PI)
120 Mq 2 3
€ 650.000
Builiding in Terricciola


Selvatelle, Terricciola (PI)
685 Mq 4 8
€ 360.000 Tr.
Single-family house in Montopoli in Val d'Arno

Single-family house

Montopoli in Val d'Arno (PI)
150 Mq 2 2
€ 765.000
Semi-detached house in Collesalvetti

Semi-detached house

Castell'anselmo, Collesalvetti (LI)
360 Mq 3 5


  • Dott. Luca Bassi Dott. Luca Bassi
  • Dott.ssa Michela Ceccarelli Dott.ssa Michela Ceccarelli
  • Rag. Luca Giachetti Rag. Luca Giachetti
Mr. Luca Bassi is the owner of the agency, born at Pontedera on the 13th March 1964, Resident at Pontedera ( Pisa ) and married with three children.
He has been practising the profession in the real estate sector since 1986.His experience was born from a complete training including years of study and a continuous updating on the whole themes of the sector ( a Certificate of geometer and Certificate of qualification to the practice of the non-subordinate geometer profession, a training course for Real Estate Agents, training courses attended at the Centre for the permanent training of Milan Polytechnic and at Bocconi SDA in Milan, besides the C.C.I.A.A in Pisa and a Degree in Juridical Science with an estate curriculum at the Jurisprudence Department of the “Sacro Cuore” Piacenza University ), and years of working experience as a real estate agent in the Agency "L’Affare" at Pontedera, and since 2008 in the "Tuscany Home Service" as well.
Mrs. Michela Ceccarelli is the real estate agent, born at Pisa on the 19th May 1976, resident at Lari (Pisa) and married with a daughter.
She has been practising the profession in the real estate sector since 2006.Her experience was born from working years in the real estate sector, from a linguistic and an artistic preparation, from the passion for this particular real estate sector and from an innate disposition to deal with customers even with foreign ones. She got a diploma at “Liceo Classico” and took a “foreign languages and literature” degree at Pisa university with linguistic competences such as German, English and French with historical and artistic course and an “Art History” thesis. She has been qualified to practise the profession of a Real Estate Agent by Pisa C.C.I.A.A. since 2006.
Her preparation together with the place in which she was born and grown-up have developed inside her a real sensibility and ability in taking care of the real estate acquisitions, the graphic elaboration and the advertising presentation of these ones, as well as a natural ability of communication with owners and buyers.
Born in 1971 in Pontedera, for over twenty years he has worked as a mediator and consultant in the residential and industrial real estate sector, with Luca Bassi taking part in the disposal of important real estate assets in the province of Pisa. For several years, support work for Tuscany Home Service, taking care of the acquisition of prestigious properties and looking for customers interested in buying.